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Thursday, 29 December 2016


As if your own weight watching is not cruel enough, I bombard you with my own decidedly-failing-case of weight watching. The primary excuse lately has been what with this being the holiday season and all, however, the rest of the seasons are not that different or revolutionary.

So, this holiday season, I have actually lost weight. A good 2 pounds!! Almost a kilogram! Hoorah...

Standing at 68.5 kgs and a still 6.5 kgs to go before reaching my original weight. Already lost 11.5 kgs since my full term pregnancy weight and actually 6.5 kgs post my post-delivery weight.

I have almost cut off sweets, rice and daal from my diet (the keyword is almost!). Except for when I am feasting on some Italian food. Then it is gnocchi and pasta and tiramisu (and wine..!). (note to self: look for lunch options online after writing this blog).

This is part of my #oneyearchallenge and I still have 5 more months to go. Keep the hope alive.

Fingers crossed and dietary urges controlled.

Yours truly.

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