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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Cyclones and Door Mats

3 days ago, cyclone Vardhah hit Indian shores from distant afar aka Thailand. The states it hit were Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Not far from namma Bengaluru (local for My Bangalore). While there was nothing catastrophic, it rained cats and dogs for 16 freaky hours. Like I open a tap in the kitchen and rush to change Little Keisha's diapers and forget all about it.

While dear neighbours (read above mentioned states) went twirling under the cyclone (not much harm the weather person tells us, so I can joke about it), Bangalore had a deluge of rains lasting till last night. More than 2 days to be precise. Damp and wet. Like the English weather. Only there is no English breakfast. Or the Queen. Here.

And your truly decided to become the perfect house wifey and decided to run the door mats a wash. In a bucket! Not the machine. In a bucket! Desperately wanted to enhance the life of these poor door mats at home, which have never been washed in two years of their unfortunate purchase. Yeah, you read it right. I love those mats really. They are super soft and feel like clouds under your feet. But right now they are damp clouds. For the last 3 days, they are hung on the laundry line outside, waiting to dry. Never looking like they are going to dry.

The pressing matter is that we are door mat less in the meantime. Managing with towels.

But this is enough about me. Little one is also cooped up inside with all the rains and dampness outside. Socks and caps included. Blessed be the precious sun that eludes us last 3 days.

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