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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Baby crawls and stands up!

Hello everyone! All those who have still been stuck around reading this wretched blog, I would like to thank you as much as I would like to update you on the recent happenings. In the last two months or so when I was absconding from this place, I was actually at home, entertaining relatives, going on vacations and taking care of little one.
Work took backstage, so did blogging. Little Keisha managed to be a darling when we took her to Goa last weekend. She loved the beaches, went pillion riding. I was frantic when she slept on me while riding. However, those were really short distances and we managed just fine.
She is a little beach girl, my Keisha!
Tragically enough, I would love to show you pictures but dearies, I acted like a complete idiot and deleted the entire camera roll from my phone!!!!
Luckily husband still has some pictures (most of those actually) from the trip and I shall beg him to transfer those, after he has had a good laugh on my self-loathing act of technological depreciation. He would say its the affect of age on me, I guess. Entering 30s comes with its own challenges, eh?
SO, in between all this, Keisha started to crawl back in October and managed to stand with support in November.
Amidst much controversy, we got her a walker and she is traipsing around since then. Quite a fan of her new found mobility, she has taken it upon herself to bring everything within reach down on to the floor for me to pick up.
It was husband's birthday too and I gifted him a fitness band. He has taken to it quite well much to my surprise. This is probably the first gift which I gave him and it is of any use to him. And this is mind you, the cheapest of them all. He keeps it on all the time. In fact, this band spends more time with him than dear wifey does, eh?
But such is life dearies.