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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Whole Lotta Fun...and lots more.

Last week was full of fun and more fun... That is what happens when your family comes visiting. You just cannot contain your joy! <3
My mum and bro visited us and we spent a lot of time eating, strolling and just having a good time. We visited a 600 year old ancient temple carved out of a rock and a couple more temples, markets and famous a 100 year old eatery. Mom and bro visited Lord Tirupathi as well. It was my mother's ardent wish and am so glad and thankful that she visited the temple. These moments were constant when we were kids, but never really noticed. Today, these are special moments to live by.
I just want my family close by always. Live is good, it will just be even better. Guess you do not realize how special your family is until you start living away from them. In our case it is a whole country away, on the two edges of India. If you travel by train, it takes three days to reach!! Crazy, innit?
I wish to thank Lord Shiva for the bounty he has blessed me with. Thank you Shivji.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Starting on Solids...

So, little Keisha has started on solids. She is almost 6 months now and loves staring while we eat! I can tell she is like me in that she does not like milk much and is mostly looking for the food that we are eating! Somehow she can guess that it tastes better. :D

I have started her on Stage 1 foods. That is, single cereal food ideal for a baby of age group 4-6 months.
She ate a moong dal puree and loved it. We gave it to her for 2 days. Now she is on rice puree with milk and well, she is eating it properly, but I guess she like savoury food more.

I am already scouring through food sites meant for babies to find more recipes for her. Next in line is sweet potato puree.

It's quite messy, but the mommy and baby are loving it. Dad only gets to hear stories about it when he comes home from work!