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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Writing - A Catharsis

How many of us know of that one thing which absolves our soul, brings it much needed respite and makes it feel alive again. A lot of us? Not so many? May be all... but definitely not none.

All these years it felt like i have enjoyed writing so much so that if I had a thought in my mind; it could be a beautiful sentence, then even if I was in a shower I somehow had to rush to write it down. The thought would pervade my senses and bother me relentless before I put pen to paper.

Today, I just realized in my full sanity that writing has the capacity to change my day. Heck, it has the capacity to seize it!

I might be tired or exhausted, trudging along the stretch of the day, putting copious amounts of stress on my mind, feelings of disappointment, embarrassment or just pure rage. And then, I would sit down to write a tad little something, just about anything and just like that, the world around me and the one wrapped around my head, would feel better. Hopeful.

You know, in the humdrum-ness of life, you had a fight with a friend, you write it down and boom! Perspective beckons.

Generally, the thumb rule is that if I am feeling low and down in the dumps so to say, I set myself to write and there is some glimmer of hope that I can see. And what more is this word, than having the courage to dream. It all begins from training your mind.

Therefore, no wonder, the pen is mightier than the sword. The written word has the power to redeem.

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