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Saturday, 13 August 2016

#Weightwatch Update

Another week, and I am 70 kgs now. That brings the total weight loss to 4 kgs.

I am losing half a kg (roughly a pound) per week, which is a slow method. But previous weight loss methods have taught me that this will be long lasting. You do not bounce back to your earlier weight that easy with this one.

With current statistics, this is going to take 16 weeks i.e. 4 months to achieve the target.

I have made an addition to my diet as per my husband's suggestion, I have actually replaced the normal water with boiled carom water. Carom seeds aid digestion, reduce bloating and help in bringing tummy back to pre-pregnancy shape (almost!).

To put things in perspective, I have achieved 33% of my targeted weight loss, still 2/3rds left.

Currently, I am left with 8 kgs to go!

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