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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

#WeightWatch Update

As you guys already know, I am on a weight watch as part of my #oneyearchallenge -

1. To look better
2. To get rid of the hypertension

The last one week involved, yoga in the morning and brisk walk in the evening and also included a day of detoxifying and fasting. The results were not so encouraging - I am stuck at 71 kgs.

I have been reading about people's weight loss journeys, and this is nothing new to come by. There are times when even excessive dieting and exercising has not resulted in weight loss for weeks! Persistence and motivation is the key. You got to keep trying and not give up.

Any thing else I can do? I am not dieting... just eating normal food in moderation.

I will be publishing on the other deliverables on my #oneyearchallenge list soon.


  1. Keep going girl. Yoga is a slow process and you had a surgery too. So weight loss will come by at a gradual pace. Just don't lose sight of the challenge 😊

  2. Thanks a ton Neha! It needs a lot of motivation and encouragement from friends like you to keep the momentum on.