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Sunday, 7 August 2016

Progressive Parenting

That's the latest buzzword in parent town. Yes, progressive parenting is what it takes to raise a sensible kid. It means parenting a child in such a way that he or she is a responsible adult who is free of biases and prejudices that we are otherwise conditioned to. Gender conditioning is one such evil which progressive parenting tries to get rid of.

One mind boggling atrocity this gender conditioning is levying on us is teaching us that girls should not do anything remotely associated with being feminine in order to be taken seriously. So, if you cook at home and want to be a stay at home mother, you clearly lack ambition and are a lowly form of humanity. The problem is actually two folds -

1. We pick up certain attributes like fear, shyness, dependence and teach our girls to own them, in active and passive ways - sit like a lady, how come you ruthlessly kill cockroaches, don't show attitude doesn't suit a girl, this is what happens when you educate a girl too much.

2. We then ridicule girls for acting the way they are encouraged and sometimes forced and always conditioned to.

So, a girl is merely sandwiched between these two dichotomies and so becomes the narrative of her life. And this in short is what is called 'normal' in our world! 

We need to ensure that this normal fades into oblivion so that a new normal may emerge. One where a persons qualities and skills are not a function of gender alone. And for that we need to teach our sons to play with dolls and have heroes like Elsa, but not only that... We also need to teach our girls that you can play with dolls and have long hair and be a princess if you want to. That you are capable of taking responsibility and having fun without being judged.

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