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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

#Oneyearchallenge Update

The #oneyearchallenge is on track pretty much, as in to mean it is still not given up upon! :/

I shall not be giving up dearies.
I started this on 1st June 2016 and today is a full 2 months and a little over a week since that date. Lets take a peek at the goals and their status.

1. Obvious - reach the 62 kg milestone.
  • On track
  • Although I am not really watching my food that much ( eating cheese!), I am still exercising (a bit).
    I was 74 kgs on 1st June 2016 and now I am 70.5 Kgs. I am over the moon, its still a good 3.5 kgs weight loss and its consistent and slow. They say slow and steady wins the race. They are right. 
    8.5 kgs to go.
2. Learn a foreign language - After French, its German now!
  • On Track
  • No, it is still French. My francais skills needs tremendous improvement so I am trying to not be jack of all trades and give some finesse to french.
3. Improve my style quotient - I am such a lazy bone that my favorite is just a pair of t shirt and jeans and hair tied in a bun, but this time it is different. and different needs work!
  • On Track
  • Spa visits are on. Wear something different everyday is also almost on. Scope for improvement is really high on this one though. One tends to slip.
4. Straighten my hair - I love my curls, but I am going to carry straight hair for a year and see how it goes.
  • Not Done
  • Having dual thoughts on this one. Lets see.
5. Engage in a physical activity - Aerobics or Bollywood dance is what I am thinking.
  • On track
  • Daily walking and yoga. The hardest part of my #oneyearchallenge. You tend to want to catch up on your sleep or just do other things. But, one must persist.
6. Travel more - With a baby in tow, it will mostly be quite weekend getaways. But it is more of a qualitative assignment in nature and one I can be the judge of.
  • Not Done
  • Unless you count traveling from mom dad's to here as travel. Few mall visits and that is it so far. The baby is still adjusting to the coller climes.
7. Explore healthy cooking as a way of life - another qualitative one.
  • Meh...
  • There is a cook now and something new cooking everyday, not to mention another interest in checking out all the interesting food places that we have. Super clash of interest there :D 
So, long thing short, the show is going on!

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