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Friday, 26 August 2016

Everyday's a Present!

With a little bundle of joy around you, everyday is and should be a present.

Babies present you with little wonders of life. They teach you the value of learning and unlearning. They remind you of what you have forgotten. They tell you that your families are precious and that unknowingly you took for mom for granted more than once.

A few weeks back my little Keisha was down with viral. This was the first time that she got a viral fever and my husband and I took care of her. With my own parents in some other city, I was mentally quite lonely. My husband is also as new to parenting as I am, and not having my parents by my side, did make me a little less confident. I wondered if it was my own fault that she was sick. She was ill for a whole week, and we hardly slept with me taking her temperature every 20 minutes. She was hitting high grade fever often and finally resorting to antibiotics did the trick.

Had my parents been here with me in this house, I would not have worried so much. A mental support system would be in place. While I have a husband who is extremely hands on with our daughter and I cannot complain of anything, it is an elderly presence that is missed. I remember as a child, my mother used to say that she laments the fact that our grand parents did not stay with us. She said that their mere presence is enough to make you feel in control of things. I did not make much sense of it then. Having a baby has put that among other things, into perspective.

A baby might not make you a better or worse person, but she definitely opens you up to emotions you never knew existed.

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