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Monday, 29 August 2016

Baby Gets Hurt :(

So, this is a milestone of the not so great kind. The baby fell off the bed! She was just in the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows and in the next moment as hubby was busy getting something out of the cupboard and I was making a dash to the kitchen, we heard her wailing. My heart sank as I rushed and saw her on her face on the ground.
Poor thing sobbed uncontrollably as both of us tried to ascertain that she did not have any bruises. Thankfully, there were none. She had pushed one pillow away to make way!

Now our bed is closed on one end by her crib and the rest by head post, foot post and the pillows. She is definitely growing up and was able to sit the other day too.

This was a indeed, a weekend of surprises for us.

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