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Monday, 29 August 2016

Baby Gets Hurt :(

So, this is a milestone of the not so great kind. The baby fell off the bed! She was just in the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows and in the next moment as hubby was busy getting something out of the cupboard and I was making a dash to the kitchen, we heard her wailing. My heart sank as I rushed and saw her on her face on the ground.
Poor thing sobbed uncontrollably as both of us tried to ascertain that she did not have any bruises. Thankfully, there were none. She had pushed one pillow away to make way!

Now our bed is closed on one end by her crib and the rest by head post, foot post and the pillows. She is definitely growing up and was able to sit the other day too.

This was a indeed, a weekend of surprises for us.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Everyday's a Present!

With a little bundle of joy around you, everyday is and should be a present.

Babies present you with little wonders of life. They teach you the value of learning and unlearning. They remind you of what you have forgotten. They tell you that your families are precious and that unknowingly you took for mom for granted more than once.

A few weeks back my little Keisha was down with viral. This was the first time that she got a viral fever and my husband and I took care of her. With my own parents in some other city, I was mentally quite lonely. My husband is also as new to parenting as I am, and not having my parents by my side, did make me a little less confident. I wondered if it was my own fault that she was sick. She was ill for a whole week, and we hardly slept with me taking her temperature every 20 minutes. She was hitting high grade fever often and finally resorting to antibiotics did the trick.

Had my parents been here with me in this house, I would not have worried so much. A mental support system would be in place. While I have a husband who is extremely hands on with our daughter and I cannot complain of anything, it is an elderly presence that is missed. I remember as a child, my mother used to say that she laments the fact that our grand parents did not stay with us. She said that their mere presence is enough to make you feel in control of things. I did not make much sense of it then. Having a baby has put that among other things, into perspective.

A baby might not make you a better or worse person, but she definitely opens you up to emotions you never knew existed.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


I have been away for a whole week from this blog, although I have managed to put in some hasty blog posts, I have largely been absent.

Been busy with a few things -

1. Little one wasn't feeling well. She had viral fever and we took multiple visits to the doctor and finally it was the antibiotics (which we were avoiding in the first place - they are harsh for a baby less than 6 months old) which did the job. She is feeling better now and hopefully will be perfectly healthy soon. Now that she feels better, I finally slept tonight after 5 nights!

2. It was the Independence Day weekend and hubby was home. We were enjoying some good ol' Netflix and take away food.

Now that the weekend has finally resumed, life has resumed as usual.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

#Weightwatch Update

Another week, and I am 70 kgs now. That brings the total weight loss to 4 kgs.

I am losing half a kg (roughly a pound) per week, which is a slow method. But previous weight loss methods have taught me that this will be long lasting. You do not bounce back to your earlier weight that easy with this one.

With current statistics, this is going to take 16 weeks i.e. 4 months to achieve the target.

I have made an addition to my diet as per my husband's suggestion, I have actually replaced the normal water with boiled carom water. Carom seeds aid digestion, reduce bloating and help in bringing tummy back to pre-pregnancy shape (almost!).

To put things in perspective, I have achieved 33% of my targeted weight loss, still 2/3rds left.

Currently, I am left with 8 kgs to go!

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Writing - A Catharsis

How many of us know of that one thing which absolves our soul, brings it much needed respite and makes it feel alive again. A lot of us? Not so many? May be all... but definitely not none.

All these years it felt like i have enjoyed writing so much so that if I had a thought in my mind; it could be a beautiful sentence, then even if I was in a shower I somehow had to rush to write it down. The thought would pervade my senses and bother me relentless before I put pen to paper.

Today, I just realized in my full sanity that writing has the capacity to change my day. Heck, it has the capacity to seize it!

I might be tired or exhausted, trudging along the stretch of the day, putting copious amounts of stress on my mind, feelings of disappointment, embarrassment or just pure rage. And then, I would sit down to write a tad little something, just about anything and just like that, the world around me and the one wrapped around my head, would feel better. Hopeful.

You know, in the humdrum-ness of life, you had a fight with a friend, you write it down and boom! Perspective beckons.

Generally, the thumb rule is that if I am feeling low and down in the dumps so to say, I set myself to write and there is some glimmer of hope that I can see. And what more is this word, than having the courage to dream. It all begins from training your mind.

Therefore, no wonder, the pen is mightier than the sword. The written word has the power to redeem.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

#Oneyearchallenge Update

The #oneyearchallenge is on track pretty much, as in to mean it is still not given up upon! :/

I shall not be giving up dearies.
I started this on 1st June 2016 and today is a full 2 months and a little over a week since that date. Lets take a peek at the goals and their status.

1. Obvious - reach the 62 kg milestone.
  • On track
  • Although I am not really watching my food that much ( eating cheese!), I am still exercising (a bit).
    I was 74 kgs on 1st June 2016 and now I am 70.5 Kgs. I am over the moon, its still a good 3.5 kgs weight loss and its consistent and slow. They say slow and steady wins the race. They are right. 
    8.5 kgs to go.
2. Learn a foreign language - After French, its German now!
  • On Track
  • No, it is still French. My francais skills needs tremendous improvement so I am trying to not be jack of all trades and give some finesse to french.
3. Improve my style quotient - I am such a lazy bone that my favorite is just a pair of t shirt and jeans and hair tied in a bun, but this time it is different. and different needs work!
  • On Track
  • Spa visits are on. Wear something different everyday is also almost on. Scope for improvement is really high on this one though. One tends to slip.
4. Straighten my hair - I love my curls, but I am going to carry straight hair for a year and see how it goes.
  • Not Done
  • Having dual thoughts on this one. Lets see.
5. Engage in a physical activity - Aerobics or Bollywood dance is what I am thinking.
  • On track
  • Daily walking and yoga. The hardest part of my #oneyearchallenge. You tend to want to catch up on your sleep or just do other things. But, one must persist.
6. Travel more - With a baby in tow, it will mostly be quite weekend getaways. But it is more of a qualitative assignment in nature and one I can be the judge of.
  • Not Done
  • Unless you count traveling from mom dad's to here as travel. Few mall visits and that is it so far. The baby is still adjusting to the coller climes.
7. Explore healthy cooking as a way of life - another qualitative one.
  • Meh...
  • There is a cook now and something new cooking everyday, not to mention another interest in checking out all the interesting food places that we have. Super clash of interest there :D 
So, long thing short, the show is going on!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

Progressive Parenting

That's the latest buzzword in parent town. Yes, progressive parenting is what it takes to raise a sensible kid. It means parenting a child in such a way that he or she is a responsible adult who is free of biases and prejudices that we are otherwise conditioned to. Gender conditioning is one such evil which progressive parenting tries to get rid of.

One mind boggling atrocity this gender conditioning is levying on us is teaching us that girls should not do anything remotely associated with being feminine in order to be taken seriously. So, if you cook at home and want to be a stay at home mother, you clearly lack ambition and are a lowly form of humanity. The problem is actually two folds -

1. We pick up certain attributes like fear, shyness, dependence and teach our girls to own them, in active and passive ways - sit like a lady, how come you ruthlessly kill cockroaches, don't show attitude doesn't suit a girl, this is what happens when you educate a girl too much.

2. We then ridicule girls for acting the way they are encouraged and sometimes forced and always conditioned to.

So, a girl is merely sandwiched between these two dichotomies and so becomes the narrative of her life. And this in short is what is called 'normal' in our world! 

We need to ensure that this normal fades into oblivion so that a new normal may emerge. One where a persons qualities and skills are not a function of gender alone. And for that we need to teach our sons to play with dolls and have heroes like Elsa, but not only that... We also need to teach our girls that you can play with dolls and have long hair and be a princess if you want to. That you are capable of taking responsibility and having fun without being judged.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Boredom Kicks In..

As a recent working professional turned stay at home mother, life can't be funnier. Suddenly, you are on the other end of the spectrum. That other end is on this side now, and you had never seen it coming.

It seemed totally normal to be out for work from morning till night and now a little munchkin keeps you busy with a baby sitting job, on loop. And you can not resign, because you do not want to, and you definitely do not want to off load your job or even share that responsibility with someone. You want to mommy your perfect little baby yourself. And no one can share that limelight. Sounds greedy, but sometimes it is ok to be selfish, like this time.

This is the only time, the little one will be this little. And one day you are going to look back and reminisce these days.

Its not so much about the sleepless nights, it is about the loss of who you are that pinches the most.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Spa Day 2

So it was the second day of spa and I ain't complaining! I had a 2 hour session and I slept like a log :O

Yeah, I actually slept off during the session post the back rub. Nothing better than a back rub for someone going through running and cardio daily. Needless to say, all the soreness is gone!

I came back home all groggy and sleepy shelving all plans to do much else. Realised it is easier to sleep at spa than at home with a baby clamoring for attention.

I feel so much better with these two sessions and now I am already planning a third one.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

#WeightWatch Update

As you guys already know, I am on a weight watch as part of my #oneyearchallenge -

1. To look better
2. To get rid of the hypertension

The last one week involved, yoga in the morning and brisk walk in the evening and also included a day of detoxifying and fasting. The results were not so encouraging - I am stuck at 71 kgs.

I have been reading about people's weight loss journeys, and this is nothing new to come by. There are times when even excessive dieting and exercising has not resulted in weight loss for weeks! Persistence and motivation is the key. You got to keep trying and not give up.

Any thing else I can do? I am not dieting... just eating normal food in moderation.

I will be publishing on the other deliverables on my #oneyearchallenge list soon.

Spa Day!

When daddy babysits at home and mommy can go to a spa, what day is better than a spa day!

So off I went for a spa yesterday after a full year gone by...phew. Naturally, I was so relaxed and exulted at the same time that even the spa guys were all talkative with me and when I left there were 3 of them seeing me off on the exit door. Hilarious if I may say so!

Feel a little more like myself. Like a year of masks (both figuratively and literally) have come off, to find a brighter and closer to myself me. Who knew, a pregnancy would do this to you? 

Monday, 1 August 2016

Ah Happy Happy Boughs...

...that cannot shed your leaves, nor ever bid the Spring adieu.
(John Keats; Ode on a Grecian Urn, 1819)

Bangalore has one neat thing about it, it keeps you close to nature, of yourself.
Seldom does on have to go outside in search of nature. Trees are all around us and the foliage largely covers the skyline. Unlike most big Indian cities.

This weather is lovely so to speak, inspires you to travel, write, eat and love - yes, all of these. I am no stranger to this verdant skyline either. These have found me love, reintroduced me to writing and given me bountiful blessings - a lovely home with laughter and peace in the presence of God.