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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Boy or Girl?

While I was pregnant, wherever I went, people asked me how I felt and gave me unsolicited advice on how to sit, stand and breath. They wanted to touch my belly and guess the gender of the baby. That is after all the most exciting thing to do - wondering whether you will have a bonny little girl or a handsome boy!

While I am blessed with my future best friend, my little angel girl, a lot of people guessed a boy for me and since I always wanted a girl, I would get mildly upset :D. Well there are a lot of granny tales on how to predict the baby's gender. They are all over the internet and I decided to try them and chronicle them later on along with the actual result.

1. The baking soda test : funniest of them all. You pee in a cup and add baking soda to it. If it fizzes like a cola, its a boy. Else, a girl. Mine fizzed! 
Result: Fail

2. The ring test : put a ring on a thread and hang it over your tummy, if it moves sideways its a girl, else its a boy. Mine moved sideways.
Result : Pass :-)

3.  Morning Sickness : If your morning sickness kicks in the first 12 weeks its a girl, if later then a boy. I started at 7 weeks. 
Result : Pass :-)

4. Tummy Shape : If you are carrying high and out then it is a  boy. If you are carrying low its a girl. I was carrying low.
Result : Pass :-)

5. Craving sweets : Its a girl if you crave sweets. I did!!
Result : Pass :-)

6. Heartbeat : If your baby's heartbeat is more than 140 bpm its a girl. If its lesser, then its a boy. Mine was always lower.
Result : Fail

7. Movement : Energetic baby is a boy, else girl. Mine was highly energetic and its a girl.
Result : Fail

All in all, these are just for fun and have absolutely nothing true about them. Anyways, whether its a boy or a girl, your child is the most beautiful thing you will ever see the moment she/he is born, I still remember when my baby came out and I heard her sweetest cries. Just be patient and wait, its worth it.

By the way, these tests also tell us, never to go by what you see on internet :D