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Thursday, 29 December 2016


As if your own weight watching is not cruel enough, I bombard you with my own decidedly-failing-case of weight watching. The primary excuse lately has been what with this being the holiday season and all, however, the rest of the seasons are not that different or revolutionary.

So, this holiday season, I have actually lost weight. A good 2 pounds!! Almost a kilogram! Hoorah...

Standing at 68.5 kgs and a still 6.5 kgs to go before reaching my original weight. Already lost 11.5 kgs since my full term pregnancy weight and actually 6.5 kgs post my post-delivery weight.

I have almost cut off sweets, rice and daal from my diet (the keyword is almost!). Except for when I am feasting on some Italian food. Then it is gnocchi and pasta and tiramisu (and wine..!). (note to self: look for lunch options online after writing this blog).

This is part of my #oneyearchallenge and I still have 5 more months to go. Keep the hope alive.

Fingers crossed and dietary urges controlled.

Yours truly.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Mums and Loneliness

As a new parent or a parent to be, everyone is telling you how it would be worth it. They continue to tell you about the adventures that parenthood becomes, about how alive and sapped it makes you go - all in the same breath. They also tell you that life would never be the same. And they are almost, always right. Except for one thing. They never tell you how lonely it gets. For a new mother.

Looking after a new born is a journey in loneliness. It disconnects you to the rest of the world. Going out is a luxury. Your friends and you are living on opposite ends of the spectrum. You have your own health issues going on. Mentally you are on another plane compared to any other members of your family, however well meaning.

Many of us leave our jobs, our social lives, our travels and a lot more to become parents of our little bundle. Having a baby is a blessing, but managing the personal alone time that comes with it? Not so much.

It would help if there were more honest renditions of what motherhood is like. When women can tell other women that it is okay. That is is a phase. And that your life, just like your body, will get back to normalcy.

In all these last couple of months, I have found my own list on how to stay positive and make best use of our time.

  • Allocate your free time, however little it may be to stuff you want to get done. Learn to cook better, read more, pamper your body, exercise, home improvement or whatever your deal is. Whatever it is, take time to do it.
  • Know that it is temporary. Work out a Plan A. It could be on how to get back to work or how to get your body back in shape. 
  • Learn about child care options in your vicinity. So when needed you can use that too.
  • Take time out to meet friends when you can. It is now that you realize how wonderful it is to be catching up with old friends.
  • Stay away from the military mom brigade who sings sorry songs on how you must now devote your entire life to child rearing now that your own identity is a thing of the past.
  • Get help. From family and friends. Ask your spouse to be more involved if needed.
  • Lastly, never give up on your dreams.
Just a little bit of me time can help us mums love our children a whole lot more.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Cyclones and Door Mats

3 days ago, cyclone Vardhah hit Indian shores from distant afar aka Thailand. The states it hit were Andhra and Tamil Nadu. Not far from namma Bengaluru (local for My Bangalore). While there was nothing catastrophic, it rained cats and dogs for 16 freaky hours. Like I open a tap in the kitchen and rush to change Little Keisha's diapers and forget all about it.

While dear neighbours (read above mentioned states) went twirling under the cyclone (not much harm the weather person tells us, so I can joke about it), Bangalore had a deluge of rains lasting till last night. More than 2 days to be precise. Damp and wet. Like the English weather. Only there is no English breakfast. Or the Queen. Here.

And your truly decided to become the perfect house wifey and decided to run the door mats a wash. In a bucket! Not the machine. In a bucket! Desperately wanted to enhance the life of these poor door mats at home, which have never been washed in two years of their unfortunate purchase. Yeah, you read it right. I love those mats really. They are super soft and feel like clouds under your feet. But right now they are damp clouds. For the last 3 days, they are hung on the laundry line outside, waiting to dry. Never looking like they are going to dry.

The pressing matter is that we are door mat less in the meantime. Managing with towels.

But this is enough about me. Little one is also cooped up inside with all the rains and dampness outside. Socks and caps included. Blessed be the precious sun that eludes us last 3 days.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Baby crawls and stands up!

Hello everyone! All those who have still been stuck around reading this wretched blog, I would like to thank you as much as I would like to update you on the recent happenings. In the last two months or so when I was absconding from this place, I was actually at home, entertaining relatives, going on vacations and taking care of little one.
Work took backstage, so did blogging. Little Keisha managed to be a darling when we took her to Goa last weekend. She loved the beaches, went pillion riding. I was frantic when she slept on me while riding. However, those were really short distances and we managed just fine.
She is a little beach girl, my Keisha!
Tragically enough, I would love to show you pictures but dearies, I acted like a complete idiot and deleted the entire camera roll from my phone!!!!
Luckily husband still has some pictures (most of those actually) from the trip and I shall beg him to transfer those, after he has had a good laugh on my self-loathing act of technological depreciation. He would say its the affect of age on me, I guess. Entering 30s comes with its own challenges, eh?
SO, in between all this, Keisha started to crawl back in October and managed to stand with support in November.
Amidst much controversy, we got her a walker and she is traipsing around since then. Quite a fan of her new found mobility, she has taken it upon herself to bring everything within reach down on to the floor for me to pick up.
It was husband's birthday too and I gifted him a fitness band. He has taken to it quite well much to my surprise. This is probably the first gift which I gave him and it is of any use to him. And this is mind you, the cheapest of them all. He keeps it on all the time. In fact, this band spends more time with him than dear wifey does, eh?
But such is life dearies.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

A Whole Lotta Fun...and lots more.

Last week was full of fun and more fun... That is what happens when your family comes visiting. You just cannot contain your joy! <3
My mum and bro visited us and we spent a lot of time eating, strolling and just having a good time. We visited a 600 year old ancient temple carved out of a rock and a couple more temples, markets and famous a 100 year old eatery. Mom and bro visited Lord Tirupathi as well. It was my mother's ardent wish and am so glad and thankful that she visited the temple. These moments were constant when we were kids, but never really noticed. Today, these are special moments to live by.
I just want my family close by always. Live is good, it will just be even better. Guess you do not realize how special your family is until you start living away from them. In our case it is a whole country away, on the two edges of India. If you travel by train, it takes three days to reach!! Crazy, innit?
I wish to thank Lord Shiva for the bounty he has blessed me with. Thank you Shivji.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Starting on Solids...

So, little Keisha has started on solids. She is almost 6 months now and loves staring while we eat! I can tell she is like me in that she does not like milk much and is mostly looking for the food that we are eating! Somehow she can guess that it tastes better. :D

I have started her on Stage 1 foods. That is, single cereal food ideal for a baby of age group 4-6 months.
She ate a moong dal puree and loved it. We gave it to her for 2 days. Now she is on rice puree with milk and well, she is eating it properly, but I guess she like savoury food more.

I am already scouring through food sites meant for babies to find more recipes for her. Next in line is sweet potato puree.

It's quite messy, but the mommy and baby are loving it. Dad only gets to hear stories about it when he comes home from work!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Baby Gets Hurt :(

So, this is a milestone of the not so great kind. The baby fell off the bed! She was just in the middle of the bed, surrounded by pillows and in the next moment as hubby was busy getting something out of the cupboard and I was making a dash to the kitchen, we heard her wailing. My heart sank as I rushed and saw her on her face on the ground.
Poor thing sobbed uncontrollably as both of us tried to ascertain that she did not have any bruises. Thankfully, there were none. She had pushed one pillow away to make way!

Now our bed is closed on one end by her crib and the rest by head post, foot post and the pillows. She is definitely growing up and was able to sit the other day too.

This was a indeed, a weekend of surprises for us.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Everyday's a Present!

With a little bundle of joy around you, everyday is and should be a present.

Babies present you with little wonders of life. They teach you the value of learning and unlearning. They remind you of what you have forgotten. They tell you that your families are precious and that unknowingly you took for mom for granted more than once.

A few weeks back my little Keisha was down with viral. This was the first time that she got a viral fever and my husband and I took care of her. With my own parents in some other city, I was mentally quite lonely. My husband is also as new to parenting as I am, and not having my parents by my side, did make me a little less confident. I wondered if it was my own fault that she was sick. She was ill for a whole week, and we hardly slept with me taking her temperature every 20 minutes. She was hitting high grade fever often and finally resorting to antibiotics did the trick.

Had my parents been here with me in this house, I would not have worried so much. A mental support system would be in place. While I have a husband who is extremely hands on with our daughter and I cannot complain of anything, it is an elderly presence that is missed. I remember as a child, my mother used to say that she laments the fact that our grand parents did not stay with us. She said that their mere presence is enough to make you feel in control of things. I did not make much sense of it then. Having a baby has put that among other things, into perspective.

A baby might not make you a better or worse person, but she definitely opens you up to emotions you never knew existed.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016


I have been away for a whole week from this blog, although I have managed to put in some hasty blog posts, I have largely been absent.

Been busy with a few things -

1. Little one wasn't feeling well. She had viral fever and we took multiple visits to the doctor and finally it was the antibiotics (which we were avoiding in the first place - they are harsh for a baby less than 6 months old) which did the job. She is feeling better now and hopefully will be perfectly healthy soon. Now that she feels better, I finally slept tonight after 5 nights!

2. It was the Independence Day weekend and hubby was home. We were enjoying some good ol' Netflix and take away food.

Now that the weekend has finally resumed, life has resumed as usual.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

#Weightwatch Update

Another week, and I am 70 kgs now. That brings the total weight loss to 4 kgs.

I am losing half a kg (roughly a pound) per week, which is a slow method. But previous weight loss methods have taught me that this will be long lasting. You do not bounce back to your earlier weight that easy with this one.

With current statistics, this is going to take 16 weeks i.e. 4 months to achieve the target.

I have made an addition to my diet as per my husband's suggestion, I have actually replaced the normal water with boiled carom water. Carom seeds aid digestion, reduce bloating and help in bringing tummy back to pre-pregnancy shape (almost!).

To put things in perspective, I have achieved 33% of my targeted weight loss, still 2/3rds left.

Currently, I am left with 8 kgs to go!